A Gold Rush
Introducing Miner 49’er, PowerPutt LIVE 2013’s Shiniest New Design

I’ve never had extensive experience searching for gold—heck, I’ve never even busted out the trusty metal detector at the beach—but I do appreciate the process involved. Scratch that, I know very little about the process involved, but I do know finding gold requires much more than just stumbling into something shiny and valuable.

It requires time, patience, tools, dynamite, maybe a little more dynamite, and some guidance. All of these things can be found (or will be required) on Miner 49’er, one of the newest creations in PowerPutt LIVE 2013.

You’ve seen Lost Vegas, got a glimpse of Haunted Hills, and now we’re taking you to the place where gold is found. For your sake, let’s hope that “gold” will come in scorecard form, although you’ll come across gold on this course, right as you begin to close things out.

Much of the equipment used to find said gold will serve as obstacles on this course, which somehow encompasses a City Slickers feel to it at times. It’s not a treasure hunt, but the journey takes you around the scene and eventually down into the mines. The term “down” seems appropriate, and you’ll recognize the exact moment your environment changes.

As for what you can expect come time for the March launch, here are some shots and scenes of Miner 49’er. 

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