Lay ‘Em on the Table
What’s Your Best Poker Putt Hand in PowerPutt LIVE 2013? We Want to See it!

For a moment, let’s forget about your score. Let’s not talk about your all-time best efforts against a particular course, and how far you dipped under par.

Instead, let’s zero in on the cards. Yes, those cards.

With the debut of Poker Putt in PowerPutt, we’re looking for the best hands that have been dealt.

Is that royal flush out there? If so, we want to see it.

Send in a picture of your hand—or even your badge— to and we’ll reward the top three hands with PowerPutt LIVE t-shirts. Also include a bit about the game and how this hand came about, if such details are still fresh in your mind.

If the hand is special enough, I have no doubts that there’s a story to tell.

And we look forward to hearing ‘em all.

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