Phil Mickelson's GT-like Round Blows up Twitter
En Route to a Near 59 in Real Golf, Many We’re Getting a Trackball Vibe

Take a bow, Internet.

Once again, you were all over current events as they happen thanks to the wonderful social media outlet known as Twitter. As PGA pro/sweet swingin’ lefty, Phil Mickelson, destroyed the course at the Waste Management Phoenix Open, many had thoughts on his chase for the elusive 59.

More specifically, plenty of you we’re getting a Golden Tee vibe from the ridiculous heater Mickelson was on.

The 59 was not to be, but it was oh so close. How close? Remember that time you had that devastating rollover on the Coconut Beach that cost you your all-time best score? Well, this was SLIGHTLY more intense.

Still, 11-under in one round isn't shabby. In fact, many of you would be thrilled to walk away with such a score on your favorite GT cabinet.

As for some of the mentions that made their way online, here are a few of the highlights on the ol' Twitter. Clealry many of you were on the same page.

And, of course, we got in the action some.

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