Coming Soon: Silver Strike World Rankings
A New Day of Competitive Virtual Bowling Launches on March 1st

If you’ve always wondered how your Silver Strike game matches up to, well, everyone, you’re about to find out.

Silver Strike World Rankings will go live on March 1st, and a new way to track your bowling progress will become a feature part of Much like the Golden Tee World Rankings, the SSB Leaderboard will take averages from your best scores and match them up against other bowlers.

Play ten online games on a Silver Strike LIVE cabinet and you’ll have a leaderboard rank. Improve your scores and your overall average (and rank) will increase. The leaderboard will update daily, and a bad game won’t hurt you. At the end of the month the leaderboard will be cleared and you’ll get a clean slate to try and beat your previous bests.

It’s a fun, competitive way to play—something we’ve certainly noticed when checking in on the GT World Rankings. Whether you’re going for the No. 1 spot overall or you simply want to beat your buddies, you’ll be able to compare your finest SSB moments against theirs.

Get your game in check this February. On March 1st, they REALLY start to count.

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