Golden Tee in Real Life?
Golf Course Designs Are Beginning to Look a Lot Like Your Favorite Bar Game

It's crazy golf on an insane scale -- a putting green swimming in a giant bowl of noodles and chopsticks, the Great Wall of China for a hazard, a fairway threading through Mayan ruins and a panda-themed hole.

This is the opening paragraph from a CNN piece titled The world's craziest crazy golf course?

Knowing quite a bit about creativity when it comes to the golfing experience, we had to check it out. And upon further review, these actual designs would make you question how they would fit in a game of Tee.

No, really. These designs are actually being created in China, and the premise of some of them are wild.

That image you see above… that’s a mocked up version of a golfer hitting into an 80-meter wide noodle bowl with 50-meter giant chopsticks placed comfortably on it. That’s going to be one of the holes included, and you really need to read the rest of the piece if you have any interest in the sport.

Since you’re here, we assume you do.

We don't have plans for a "noodle bowl" hole just yet... YET.

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