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GT 2012, Cashouts, and Other Announcements for the Month of December

As we enter the final month of the year, there’s still plenty to do. Also, I need to start my Christmas shopping at some point, but that’s a completely different story.

But, in the world of Golden Tee—as well as other IT games—there are some important announcements to pass along to ensure you’re up to speed.

First, Prize Play in Golden Tee 2012 has officially been turned off. Although almost all of you have move to 2013 by now, those of you who haven’t should talk to your location about getting the upgrade. This is nothing new in terms of procedure, but certainly could impact some still playing on the older version. Find a 2013 game near you if your location is impacted, or tell them to give us a call.

Moving on, if you plan on cashing out your Player Account winnings at any point in the month of December, please make note of the following important dates.

With the holiday season ready to consume the final two weeks of the final month, we’re switching around the cash out schedule.

Cash outs will be processed on December 11th and December 20th, which means you need to submit your cash out request by no later than midnight the night before. Circle December 10th and December 19th as important days to visit LIVEWIRE if you plan on receiving a little extra shopping money this year.

Again, get your cashout requests in by the 10th and the 19th. (Accounting asked me to reiterate these days again)

And finally, don’t forget to check out our IT Holiday Guide. Gifts for the trackball fans in your life, or yourself, are just a few clicks away.

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