Making the Most of Your Surroundings
More Madness on the Coconut Beach 9th, 2013’s Best Action Flick

The most YouTubed hole in Golden Tee 2013 might just be the Coconut Beach 9th. The drivable par-4 gives players an opportunity to tackle the pin twice in one shot.

Your shot, which hopefully bends around the trees (and possibly skips off the water), can go at the pin and then the backstop can send your ball sailing at it if it happens to go by.

We’ve seen plenty of different aces—skips, ricochets, one-hoppers, and more—but we’ve yet to see a shot take advantage of the surroundings quite like this.

See the sights and walk away with an ace, now this one will be tough to top this week.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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