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Do You Have the Golden Tee Halloween Giveaway Codes Yet? If Not, Get ‘em Here

With a new update of Golden Tee comes new Giveaway Codes for your golfer. And while we’ve got an entire new collection of wardrobe items to add over the course of the next year, we’re not ready to reveal them all just yet.

Patience, trackballers.

With that being said, there are probably a fair amount of you who haven’t taken advantage of the two Halloween Giveaway Codes that have made their way into the game over the past few updates.

Looking to add a pumpkin head? How about a spider shirt? Better yet, what about a tiki mask, perfect for the occasion.

For the wonderful mask, enter 18B0000002 (a one, an eight, the letter B, six zeros and a two) under “GIVEAWAY CODE” in the “Options” menu. You can enter this at any point in an online game.

As for the other items (3 more in all), follow the same process and enter 04B0000000 (a zero, a four, the letter B, and seven zeros) and receive one of the three clothing items. Enter this code three times to collect the whole set—which does include the fan favorite pumpkin head.

Enjoy the gear if you haven’t already, and be sure to throw it on for this yearly Golden Tee tradition. We’ll have new Giveaway Codes in the near future, and be sure to tune into for them all.

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