Golden Tee 2013 Countdown: 3
Saluting the People and Plastic That Make All of This Possible

This what all the fuss is about.

In the tech world, the small piece of programming gold houses all of the Golden Tee guts. It’s the bone-in ribeye for your local GT cabinet which will soon take down the whole damn thing. It’s all the courses, each blade of grass and the magnificently renovated sand. Yep, that little thing right there.

This is the Golden Tee 2013 update in its simplest form. This is what is currently being packaged, stacked and aligned in the warehouse, ready to hit the road. The boxes are getting higher now, and we’re getting anxious.

On Friday, these will leave the building and taken to your favorite watering hole. Early next week, your favorite game will get a lovely facelift courtesy of this small piece of plastic and information we couldn’t possibly understand if we wanted to.

It is the blueprint for the next year of bar entertainment, and although we’ll forget about these critical pieces once the bright lights of a new update have consumed our limited attention span, today we salute you, Golden Tee update. Not the game itself, but the thing that makes this all possible.

Oh, and you GT development team – your countless hours spent fitting all that goodness into something the size of our thumb is damn impressive. The fact that you keep improving something so brilliant is hard to fathom.

Golden Tee 2013 ships on Friday. Get ready.

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