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What Was Ryan Dempster Doing the Moment He Got Traded? I'm Glad You Asked

Image Via Sporting News

Ryan Dempster sat in the Cubs offices as the 3 p.m. trade deadline neared Tuesday, playing Golden Tee and watching the rumors about his fate played out on the MLB Network.

This was the first paragraph in Paul Sullivan’s Chicago Tribune piece on starting pitcher Ryan Dempster, who was traded to the Texas Rangers just before the trade deadline hit. Although I’ve never been on or near any trade scenarios (shocking!), I can’t imagine that waiting around, trying to determine your future landing spot would be easy.

The Cubs indeed have a GT in their clubhouse, which gets plenty of play and mentions on Twitter. At perhaps the most stressful hour of his year, that’s what the good-hearted pitcher turned to.

"They've got a new Golden Tee machine," Dempster told ESPN while his future was up in the air. "So I wanted to try that out."

Although the majority of us will never be traded from a Major League Baseball team, we can all agree on one very simple truth. When life gets stressful as all hell, Golden Tee is always there.

Big hug, y’all.

We hope that Ryan hit ‘em straight while the phones were ringing off the hook, and we wish him nothing but the best at his new MLB home.

Image Via Sporting News

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