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Ever Wondered What a -30 Round Would Look Like? Wonder No More

I get this question all the time.

“How do some of these players shoot these incredible scores?”

My answer is that there is no secret to what they do; there is no hidden feature that transforms the cup into the size of a pizza pan. These guys are just really, really good and they are able to string together rounds that seem unbelievable from a distance.

Tournaments and live events are a great way to see these players in action, and we were treated to perhaps the greatest live event round in Golden Tee history at the 2012 Windy City Open.

Houston’s Mark Stenmark went on to take second in this tournament, but he did so in rather magnificent fashion. Playing against Missouri’s Evan Gossett in the finals, Stenmark dropped an unthinkable -30 while playing on Royal Cove in their first game. This round - which was perfect and a little beyond it - included two holes-in-one and a double eagle.

Better yet, the whole thing was caught on video thanks to Power Events, who has begun streaming live tournament games.

Want to see what a -30 looks like? Now you have the chance. Here was their game one match.


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