Have You Given it a Spin Yet?
Track Down the Closest PowerPutt LIVE Game Near You, and Have a Chance at Cash Prizes

If you haven’t played PowerPutt LIVE just yet, what are you waiting for?

The online mini-golfer is still finding its way to various locations around the country, and hundreds of dollars are being awarded to players each day that are participating in the Daily Contest. Whether you’re looking to be the best in the world – or perhaps even just the best in the bar – the game is worth checking out.

And if you haven’t read up on the Daily Contests just yet, get all the important details here. One game could earn you a nice payout if you’re talented (or lucky) enough.

The only thing left to do is track one down, and thanks to the Find-a-Game feature on, a game is now much easier to find. You can type in your state, city zip code or even search by location to see where the closest cabinet might be.

Much more to come on PowerPutt LIVE, including the return of the popular Hole Showcases. Need help on a specific course or hole? Well, then this will be right up your alley!

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