The Truck Shot
Golden Tee’s Next Great Trend? Photos of Games Positioned on the Back of Moving Vehicles

Social media has a lot of great trends. Hell, Facebook and Twitter are massive trends in themselves, but there are some items of note that have become very apparent.

In the world of Golden Tee, we’ve noticed a few trends within the Twitterverse. For one, spelling always decreases after 10 o’clock at night, ESPECIALLY on the weekends. Call it timing, call it coincidence, well, actually just call it booze. Yeah, case closed on that one.

Another trend that has become strangely plentiful in the past few years is the classic “Look at that Golden Tee machine on the back of this truck” photos. People move, purchase and transport Golden Tees, and there’s no shock in this. It is shocking, however, that the fine folks of the Internet feel the need to capture this with their cellphones and tell their followers.

Hey, we’re not complaining and we would actually love to see more of these when you come across them. There’s something fascinating, a story if you will, about where this game has been, where it’s headed and how far it has to travel.

We’ll likely never know where this 2004 Golden Tee game below is going, but we do know that it will be entertaining the beer-consuming masses (the same ones that struggle with their keyboard at night) at some point soon.

By all means, keep theses coming, Twitter users. Oh, and follow us on Twitter because we're awesome sometimes.

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