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Design-a-Hole 2013: Time to Decide
Who Will It Be? The Ancient Ruins, The Sand Dune or The Longshoreman

On Monday, the entire Golden Tee world will find out what design they’ll be playing in Golden Tee 2013 this fall.

The Design-a-Hole Contest winner will be announced early next week, and our 2013 champion will immediately become part of a very exclusive club. His drawing will go from concept to creation, and course designer Jim Zielinski will have the task of turning a brilliant idea for a virtual golf hole into a playable masterpiece in GT’s next update.

You’ll be seeing either: The Ancient Ruins, The Sand Dune or The Longshoreman in Golden Tee 2013 and our winner will also receive their very own Golden Tee Home Edition. Although the contest itself might be coming near and end, the fun is just getting underway.

Tune into on Monday to find see the results.

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