Time to Assess
The Design-a-Hole Submission Period Has Come to a Close, and the GT Judges Will Now Have Their Say

The 2013 Design-a-Hole Contest has entered stage two, and it’s now time for our prestigious GT judges to take a look at the designs that made it into our inbox.

One of the designs entered in this year’s contest will go from concept to creation, and you will have your say on which design you’d like to see in the game once the judges have picked out this year’s finalists. This winner won’t just be in the game. Our 2013 DAH champ will also receive their very own GT Home Edition!

Needless to say the stakes are higher than ever before.

It’s time to go to work. The judges will take the rest of this week to review each hole sent in over the past six weeks, and we will reveal each finalist (one a day) beginning next week.

Thanks to those of you that put in the time and effort with a design this year, and you will find out soon enough if you are on to the finals.

Stay tuned to for more!

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