Last Call: Design-a-Hole 2013
Get Your Designs in Before Monday to be Included in This Year’s Contest!

After nearly six weeks, the submission portion of the Design-a-Hole 2013 contest is set to come to a close. At 11:59 p.m. on Sunday night, we will close the doors on this year’s contest and see what’s new this year.

Haven’t submitted a Golden Tee design just yet? Well, you’ve got a full weekend to create your dream GT hole and submit it to be included.

The process is rather simple for those unfamiliar to the contest. Create any par-3, 4 or 5, name it and show this design with a sketch, drawing, video or any other way that you believe will show this hole best. Email this design to, and you'll be inlucluded in the judging process.

From this point on, the GT judges will select the finalists, and we will begin showing off these designs on and the Golden Tee Facebook Page. Your feedback will be crucial at this point, and your likes and dislikes will help the judges pick the 2013 winner in a matter of weeks.

Our 2013 winner will watch their design go from drawing, sketch, rendering, etc. to a playable hole in Golden Tee 2013. And that’s not all. The winner will also receive their very own Golden Tee Home Edition for their man cave!

The runner up will receive a $500 PGA tour-quality Golden Tee Golf custom golf bag courtesy of Club Glove and a $100 Golden Tee Gift Card. Third place will walk home with a $100 Golden Tee Gift Card, and the remaining finalists will each get a $50 GT Gift Card. As if you needed more reason to submit a design, you certainly have them.

Why not give yourself a shot at getting in the game AND getting your very own game for your man cave? Take these last few days and draw up your dream Golden Tee hole, submit it, and you’re all set. It could pay off big in the long run.

We’ll have plenty of updates next week once the judges take a look. Visit the official Design-a-Hole page for more details.

Good luck, and stay tuned to for more!

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