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Looking for a PowerPutt LIVE Cabinet Near You? The Find-a-Game App is Here to Help

The first PowerPutt LIVE games have been connected and are ready to be played. Now comes the most important part: Where do you find them?

The PowerPutt LIVE Find-a-Game is up and running, and this app updates each day to include new games and new locations as they go online. Although the first batch of games are out, there will be plenty more that ship out over the next few weeks. To find them, simply visit this page to narrow down your location and see which games are online.

Better yet, share the wealth! Know of a location with LIVE near you? Post your known PowerPutt LIVE locations on the PP Facebook and Twitter pages to bring on some friendly competition!

We’ll have much more information on the Daily Contests which will be up and running soon enough. In the meantime, hone your mini-golfing skills, locate a game and get ready to take on the PowerPutt world!

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