Coming Attractions: The Wisconsin Open
GT’s Tournament Season Picks Up This Weekend! Don’t Miss It!

By now, many of your brackets are busted and you’re likely still licking your wounds from the first weekend of March Madness. While we don’t have a solution for the bracket that has more red than green, we do have an alternative form of entertainment that you do not want to miss.

The 2012 Wisconsin Open will take place this weekend at Sussex Bowl and Sports Bar is Sussex, Wisconsin. This tournament, which marks the second major GT tourney of the season, is a must for those looking for the combination of good food (I mean, it is Wisconsin), good beer (again, it’s Wisconsin) and college basketball if you’re not quite busted yet.

Festivities will get underway on Friday night with either a CTTP or scotch doubles tournament. Whatever they decide to run, entry will be cheap and there will also be other games available to practice on.

On Saturday, the qualifier for the main tournament will take place, and it will be anywhere from 3 to 5 courses depending on the amount of players participating. There will be one round of match play on Saturday evening, and then the tournament will conclude on Sunday with a champion.

It’s not too late to get involved! There’s still time to sign up! 

For more information on the tournament, details on hotels nearby or to sign up, check out the official Wisconsin Open thread on Did we mention the whole GT/basketball/food/alcohol thing? OK, good.

See you there.

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