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A Worthy Follow-Up to the Greatest Golden Tee Photo Ever Taken

The photo above is perhaps are single favorite Golden Tee photo of all-time, and this isn’t us just cheaply trying to plug the Golden Tee Home Edition. OK, the plug angle of this works just fine, but that doesn’t change the fact that this photo is magnificent.

This story hit a year ago, and that was young Chase Lehr (one and a half at the time) playing his Golden Tee Home Edition in his basement. To add to the “Awwwww” Factor, Chase would indeed play his 80-year-old grandmother in a game of Tee every now and then. Yes, really.

Just about a year later, another photo of a slightly older Chase has surfaced courtesy of his dad Jeremiah.

The major noticeable differences: Oh my, did Chase get big (and he now has hair!), and the game and marquee have been updated for Golden Tee 2012.

Chase now plays the game more than ever, and he can now turn the cabinet on and off all by himself. This means extra practice time, of course, and we can only assume that we have a prodigy in the making.

 And yes, the fun part. If you would like a Golden Tee for your home, check out the official Golden Tee Home Edition website or contact us for more information. We can’t guarantee you’ll have photos as wonderful as the game above, but we do guarantee that you’ll love having the game in your house.

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