Bring 2012 to YOU!
Order a Golden Tee Home Unit and Get Your 2012 Update FREE When it Ships!

If you’ve thought about purchasing a Golden Tee Home Unit but decided to wait until Golden Tee 2012 hits, then we’ve got news for you.

While the Golden Tee 2012 Home Unit won’t be ready until the middle or later part of November, if you purchase a 2011 offline Home Unit now, you’ll get the 2012 update shipped to you once it’s released, free of charge.

The game itself will still be delivered to you in a matter of weeks, and you’ll be able to test out your skills on one if thirty Golden Tee LIVE courses available on the 2011 edition.

Once the 2012 update ships, however, you’ll be one of the first to get Golden Tee LIVE’s latest game in your man cave or basement.

What’s new in the Golden Tee 2012 Home Unit? Well, a couple of very important additions. Golden Tees will now be at your fingertips, meaning you’ll be able to adjust the tee whenever you please. On top of that, you’ll get new equipment, clothing options and, of course, all 35 Golden Tee LIVE courses ever made!

And that’s not all!

You'll also receive six Golden Tee shirts along with a $100 Golden Tee LIVE Gift Card for when you leave your man cave and decide to head to the bar. If you're already a home unit user but know of someone that might be interested in the game, your referral could earn you rewards as well. We are now offering a $100 referral gift card bonus on all home unit sales.

Bring Golden Tee to your home! For more information on this superb offline option, pricing and any other details you might need, contact us for more info! Also be sure to check out the Golden Tee Home Unit website and stay tuned for all things 2012!

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