Golden Tee 2012: Hands on With Tundra Peak
Our 'Hands On' Golden Tee Blog Series Goes Out on Top

You’ve seen the logos and watched the trailers (probably more than just a few times), but getting to know the characteristics of each 2012 course is a much different story.

Although you won’t fully grasp the sites and feel of these Jim Z gems until you get your hands on them for yourself, the Golden Tee Blog is here to help make the time between now and launch fly by.

Our final stop in the “Hands On” tour in none other than Mount Everest, where virtual golfers will tackle Tundra Peak on the world’s most infamous mountain.

And while our five-part series may be complete, there’s still plenty more to discuss ad Ship Day nears. Read Hands on With Tundra Peak on the Golden Tee Blog and stay tuned to for all your 2012 news!

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