Evan Gossett: Hooked From The Beginning
We sat down with Evan Gossett to learn about his GT history.

Evan Gossett aka Meow Chopper started playing Golden Tee in 2006 after he graduated college in Arizona.  The bar he used to frequent had 2 machines and quite a few players. 

Although, Evan typically played Silver Strike with his buddies and they would laugh about how serious the Golden Tee players seemed to be.  Evan grew up playing golf and it wasn`t long before he got his hands on the trackball.

"I`ve always been a competitive person so I practiced for a while and sought out the better players in my area to fine tune my game and figure out the ins and outs and tips and tricks.  I was hooked from the beginning."

After a couple years travelling to tournaments Evan decided to take the leap and buy a machine.  Gossett was breaking even back then, but after refining his skills with help from the pros he started winning money. 

He realized he could make more money playing Golden Tee full time than working. With the added bonus of a flexible schedule Evan never looked back.

Evan credits Mike and Maggy(McCarthy), Russell Kendall, Michael Jager, Jeff Vordhal and tons of other players for helping him develop his skillset in one way or another.

Golden Tee has had a massive impact on Evans life.  He even met his wife Paige through the game!  Evan stated "A lot of what Paige and I have has come from Golden Tee in one form or another.  It`s impacted me more than anything and I am very grateful for that."

Evan also credits Steve, Russ and Paige for their role on growing Golden Tee through Power Events.  He knows their hard work has played a pivotal role in the development of the National Golden Tee Tour over the course of almost 15 years.

2018 was one of Evan`s best years yet.  He claimed the throne at the World Championships AND the Player of the Year tournament!  This accomplishment will go down in history as one of the best performances for any player to touch a trackball. 

However, for Evan this was only a step in cementing his legacy and believes the future is very bright.

I couldn`t have written this article without at least mentioning that Evan qualified for the first ever Golden Tee Mobile World Championships in Las Vegas.  Evan is a natural talent and a very quick study.  

Simply put Evan will accel at anything he puts his mind to and his mind is set on the 2023 Player of the Year tournament.

Evan left me with this quote; "We are gonna ride this until the wheels off. Golden Tee is a great game that rewards skill with competition. The game of golf can never be beaten. The perfect game doesn’t exist so you’re always striving to get better, learn more and compete against your peers." 




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