GTM Events of the Week (03/27/23)
Hope You All Enjoyed These March Contests!

It's already that time, GTM Players!

We're onto the last week of GTM Contests for the month of March. We're definitely going to want to end it on a bright note, so make sure to get your practice in beforehand! Without further ado, let's see what's in store this week, starting with Today!

For Mix-Up Monday, we have 9-holes at the, sandy, Cape Haven! Any hole from the 18-hole course can show up at any time! Hopefully you don't get too mixed up and enjoy this sunny day of golf before the end of the day TODAY!

Next up, we have an 18-hole course all from the, tree-filled, Pine Coast. This Wednesday, you'll be able to take on a day's worth of seeing how well you can bend around the trees in your way, just in time for the Freaky Friday Contest we have in store for you all!

You'll be wanting to make sure you get some practice in for this one! Being able to navigate any obstacles in your way, whether it's at Volcano Palms or Juniper Falls. Dodge those trees, rocks, and more by challenging yourself this Friday and Friday only!

That's all we have for this week's GTM Events! See you all in April as we head into even more Contests that we have in store!


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