GTM Events of the Week (01/30/23)
End the First Month of the Year on a High Note!

Happy Monday, GTM Players! What better way to start off February and ensure that we end January on a high note than having a week's worth of GTM Contests on our agenda? Make sure to keep Today, Wednesday, and Friday blocked off on your calendars for some Events made up of gold and silver prize pools!

Jumping right into it, we have our Mix-Up Monday Event at this Kansas course! Only until the end of the day TODAY, you can test your Dodge City knowledge and see if you can prevent getting mixed up as much as possible!


This Wednesday, we have the front and back of Tundra Peak up in, the snowy, Mt. Everest for our 18-hole Daily Contest! Bundle up for this day's worth of golf to see if the Contest results in your favor!

TGIF with our friend, Erik Hutchcraft! Erik's hand-picked Event is consisting of a 9-hole course made up of holes from some of your course favorites, ranging from Pine Coast to Rustic Bridge. Check them out before the end of the day on Friday!

That's all we have for this week. See you all in February!


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