GTM Events of the Week (12/12/2022)
Bonnie Moor, Dodge City, and More!

Happy Monday, GTM Players! Hope everyone enjoyed the first ever Golden Tee: Tournament Edition Event at Volcano Palms! Wish the competition was still going? No need! There's plenty of opportunity to win Gold and Silver based Prize Pools right here in GTM!


First up, we have Bonnie Moor as our course for Mix-Up Monday. You wanted it, now you got it. Now go out there and get after it before the end of the day today!

Next up, we have our 18-Hole Daily Contest Event at Dodge City! Stay dry in this course on Wednesday and Wednesday only while playing both the front and the back 9-Holes!

Lastly, we have our Freaky Friday Event. We're turning the tables after Wednesday's course and incorporating Crawdad Swamps after having the dryness of Dodge City. Can't get enough of Bonnie Moor? You'll be seeing this course during this Friday's Event for a round of 9!

That's all we have this week. We hope everyone is braving the cold weather, if you're feeling it, and are going to have an incredible week!


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