GTM Events of the Week (11/7/2022)
Perfect opportunity to practice when you're not playing Tournament Edition!

Happy Monday GTM fam! They say good things happen in 3s.. or something like that. So for this week, we're coming at ya with some new Events to brighten up 3 out of your 7 days! Also, having the launch of Golden Tee: Tournament Edition on top of that? It's going to be a jam-packed week, so let's just get right into it!

Today, on our roster, we have Mix-Up Monday at the lovely, Teal Gardens! You know the deal. 9 holes, wrong order, a day's worth of fun! Make sure to check out the Silver and Gold Prize Pools in your Events Section before the end of the day!

Next up, we're embracing the winter months coming our way by heading over to Tundra Peaks. The front and back 9-holes for a mid-week daily contest. Talk about a pick-me-up!

Last on our agenda for this week, we have our usual Freaky Friday. Did I say usual? I meant DIFFICULT! It's going to be a Sink or Swim theme that you're going to want to practice for. Staying dry is the name of the game as we head into the weekend and finish off a week's worth of Events!

That's all we have on our end today! Let us know what you think and check out Golden Tee: Tournament Edition if you haven't already!


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