GTM Events of the Week (11/14/2022)
Just some extra GTTE practice for ya!

Happy Monday everyone! How are you all liking Golden Tee: Tournament Edition so far? Might be a bit trickier than anticipated but never fear! Some GTM Events coming your way will serve as good practice when you're preparing for Head-to-Head Rounds!

Jumping right into it, we have Mix-up Monday Today at the beautiful, Cape Haven! Wishing the weather would look like this this week and not snowy where we're at but that's what we have GTM Events for! Play 9-holes without any order before the end of the day!

Next up, we have our 18-hole Daily Contest at Elkhorn Ridge! Don't let these mountains and trees get in your way as you fly through the front and back 9, available to play Wednesday!

Nothing starts off a relaxing weekend quite like this week's Freaky Friday! Sit back and play some of your front 9-hole favorites from a variety of courses!

That's all we have for GTM Today, folks! Keep up the INCREDIBLE plays in Golden Tee: Tournament Edition, as well, and have a great week!


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