GTM Events of the Week (08/29/22)
Mark your calendars for a day's worth of Events all throughout this Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

You already know what time of the week it is, players!

It's time to announce what this week's Mobile Events will be, so you better hang tight!

On Monday we'll be mixing it up with Rocky Hollow for 9 holes! If you think you know Utah's finest, then put your knowledge to the test!

On Wednesday, our 18-hole Daily Contest will include the front AND the back nine of the ever so popular, Dodge City!

Last but CERTAINLY not least, Freaky Friday will be a plethora of course favorites all mixed into a 9-hole contest. Your going to want to keep your driver near by though, this event is Par 5s only!

That's all we got for you this week but not to worry! If you're up for the challenge, there will be plenty more where these came from next week. So stay tuned!


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