GTM Events of the Week (12/26/2022)
Wishing Everyone the Happiest of Holidays!

Happy Monday, GTM Players! Feeling the post-Christmas blues? Not to worry! We have a gift for you all that just keeps on giving, even after the holidays! This week, we have an agenda full of GTM Events to keep giving you something to look forward to! The presents may be all gone under your tree, but these sure aren't!

We'll be mixing it up in the beautiful Volcano Palms Today where we will try to pretend the weather actually looks like this right about now instead of the cold! Play a round of 9 and see if you can identify which holes you're on before the end of the day Today!

Next up, we have the 18-Hole Daily Contest at Central Park's Rustic Bridge. Might be one of the only times you wouldn't see snow in New York right about now so you're going to want to embrace this while you can!

Lastly, to lead us into the New Year, we have Freaky Friday with some crazy conditions with both water AND snow! Combining Crawdad Swamp and Tundra Peaks into one 9-Hole round will be a challenge, but that's why you have until this Friday to prepare!

That's all we have for this week! Happy Holidays everyone and we will see you all next year!


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