Freaky Friday: 2010 Par-3 Classic
It's the battle of holes-in-one and GSPs on these 2010 classics!

This week's Freaky Friday contest is the "2010 Par-3 Classic", featuring a collection of par-3 holes from GT LIVE 2010!

The prize pool for this contest is $2,000, so be sure to download the GT Caddy app, find your nearest commercial Golden Tee cabinet, and get in the game! Remember that you can track your standing at the LIVEWIRE Daily Contest Leaderboard.

With the ability and medium to piece together 18-hole courses using the entire LIVE library - more than 16 years of courses. It's Freaky Friday, every Friday! 
As always, we will be monitoring gameplay to see if any more adjustments to the payouts are warranted.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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