Non-prize Play State Worlds Qualifier
World Championship qualifying for Home & Commercial starts Dec. 1st!

The 2022 Golden Tee World Championship takes place on Feb 24-27, 2021 in Las Vegas!

Various qualifiers are taking place as we speak and plenty of players have already punched their tickets to the event in the Sin City.

Golden Tee World Championship qualifying starts on December 1st for our commercial and home edition friends in the non-prize play states of NJ, ND, SD and LA. 

Unfortunately, for reasons outside of our control, AZ is not eligible for these spots.

There will be two separate qualifying leaderboards for Commercial players and Home Edition players.

Commercial players will compete all month long for two spots and Home Edition players will compete all month long for one spot. 

The top players with the best combined scores, great shot points and Golden Tee points on the seven 2021 courses at the end of December 31st will earn World Championship spots!

We will provide a few leaderboard updates throughout the week when possible.  Good luck to all of our friends in NJ, ND, SD and LA!

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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