Road to Worlds: Tony Johnson
"Whammy" discusses the GT community, winning Worlds, and the competition.

With the 2022 Golden Tee World Championship now on the horizon (gentle reminder to book your flights NOW), the game’s fiercest competitors are gearing up to play for it all on the main stage in Vegas. In the weeks leading to the event, we’ll be delivering an inside look at what these titans of video golf bring to the table in our Road to Worlds player spotlight series. We thought there was no better way to start this journey than sitting down with the first ever Golden Tee Mobile World Champion, Tony “Whammy!” Johnson.

How long have you been playing Golden Tee?

Tony: I have been playing arcade competitively since 2001. Attended many large tournaments, but never won one.

And Golden Tee Mobile?

Tony: Started in November 2019.

What brought you to mobile?

Tony: Initially, just a new version of Golden Tee since I’ve been playing arcade for so long, but I started ramping up in early 2020 when Worlds was announced and we were all stuck in our houses.

What separates mobile from arcade?

Tony: I can play it anywhere, anytime if I have internet. It’s a great way to kill time on an airplane.

Can you describe what it was like winning Worlds 2020?

Tony: Relief and shock. I’ve been close to winning some big tourneys on the arcade side. It felt so good to get a big win, and it was wild being the guy everyone is congratulating at the end of a tourney.

What’s your favorite part of the Golden Tee Mobile community?

Tony: Just like arcade, it’s such a wide ranging group of players, and most of us are just looking to have a hobby that we enjoy and provides some competition. So most players end up being really helpful amongst the community members as well as with the new guys who are looking to engage.

Favorite moment in GTM history?

Tony: I think meeting all the guys at Worlds; the afternoon before the tourney, just hanging out by the pool and meeting all these guys you’ve been competing against for 18 months.

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Who would you say is the best current GTM player, and why?

Tony: Me. There are guys that have more skill than me, but I think I end up making the best decisions.

Do you have a rival?

Tony: Probably not, but Benji (Ben Costain) and I seem to always get in each other’s way.

How would you describe your play style?

Tony: 80/20, conservative vs. aggressive.

Any advice you’d give to a player looking to improve their game?

Tony: Learn the stinger shot, but don’t get addicted to it.

What does your future in Golden Tee look like?

Tony: More mobile, less arcade.

Anyone you want to give a shout out or thank you to?

Tony: All the guys more creative than me, who came up with all the “trick” shots that I’ve implemented into my game.

Strong words, from a strong player; claiming GOAT status within a healthy roster of Golden Tee Mobile competitors. Only time (and obviously the scores) will tell who will claim victory when the best in the world tee off at the 2022 Golden Tee World Championship in Las Vegas in February, and we can’t wait to see what each of these dynamic and extraordinarily skilled players will bring to the stage. Thanks to Tony “Whammy” Johnson for taking the time to  sit with us, providing some insight on the amazing Golden Tee competitive community, both arcade and mobile, and we look forward to seeing him in high-level competition for years to come.

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