IT's Holiday Guide
Get the perfect gift for your loved ones!

IT Holiday Guide

The holiday shopping season is quickly approaching us.  Heck, with the last two years we have all had, it's frankly already here!  We can't be too mad though, we may have turned our Christmas lights on a little early to brighten everyone's spirits.

But, with December nearly right around the corner, it's time to break out our holiday gift for that special someone in your life!

This year we've got a few options for you, but you have to act quickly because time is of the essence! 

Retro Raccoons - in partnership with GlitchBit

Retro Raccoons is a competitive four-player, "first-of-its-kind" cabinet, featuring a special (and optional) "Cheers" mode that uses cup holders equipped with microswitches to track players' drinks during play.

Each player has a joystick, button and cupholder and each game session consists of eight mini-games, randomly selected from more than with 40+ unique minigames (more to be added).

New content and minigames are added periodically to ensure gameplay stays fun and fresh either through WIFI or Ethernet.

Golden Tee Home Edition

Bring home the full-sized Golden Tee Home Edition to that special someone in your life.  Essentially identical to the game played at the bar, your loved one can practice their skills in casual modes or connect the game online (subscription required) and let them use the same golfer and add stats 

You must act fast if you want to try and secure a Home Edition for the loved one in your life.  Massive parts shortages have hammered industries and businesses across the world, including ours, so supplies are extremely limited. 

There is a good chance that you may have to wait until early 2022 for your new Home Edition to arrive.

Golden Tee Pro Shop

From posters to hats to bags and to sweaters and shirts, the GT Pro Shop has everything your loved one could possibly want when it comes to Golden Tee swag!  Whether it's a throwback to Golden Tee's Peter Jacobsen days or one of their favorite GT marquee or course logos, customize the gear they'll wear when hitting the links in their own basement or at their favorite watering hole!

IT Gift Cards - Commercial Golden Tee, PowerPutt & Silver Strike

Not only do you get to choose the amount of money that your loved one can spend playing video games in a bar with some friends and a few brews, you also get to customize your message. Write something nice, write something for the holidays, write something weird or write something insane.

Apple App Store & Google Play Store Gift cards

For all of the Golden Tee Mobile players in your life, you can't leave them hanging!  Head over to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store today and buy them a gift card that they can use to fill their bags up with plenty of gold for new courses, new clubs and restocking on all the balls lost in the water!

Forget about leaving your home and navigating parking lots; your one-stop shopping stop is just a few clicks away!


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