Golden Tee Mobile Update (5/29/20)
The latest version is out! Check out what we added to Golden Tee Mobile and what game modes have changed!

After ending eight weeks of Golden Tee Mobile World Championship qualifying we've released an updated version of Golden Tee Mobile. We waited to release this version so all of the players for the first eight weeks had the same playing field. This update will reduce hit impact, fix power losses, add new weather effects, and more. Turn the volume up in the video above to hear the rainfall! Weather does not affect gameplay...for now.

We are also adding new game features and changing some game modes! Stay tuned to Golden Tee Mobile's Facebook Group, Golden Tee social media, and right here for more updates this week!

Golden Tee Mobile Updates:

Putting Tutorial:

A putting tutorial that also provides you with your own personal GTM putting green with putts ranging in difficulty (all that you have control over). Perfect timing with worlds starting on Monday. Go to the Challenges game mode, touch the Tutorial button at the bottom and check out the new Putting Tips. If you are actively playing you may need to restart your game to see it. Watch the Adam Kramer premier the Putting Tutorial on YouTube.


We will begin maintaining a contest average per league for you

Rookie panels will be hidden if you have too high a league average

Every time you enter into a new league your average is reset

You have X games to determine your new average per league

We will be monitoring and adjusting as necessary

Daily 9:

The top 4 players will get a prize

The rest of the field gets tees

The prize pools have been adjusted per league

Prize pools have been dramatically increased

You can take more than one retry per hole (the price goes up though)


Added new path & gravel materials to some courses

Reduced hit impact off rocks, walkways, paths, and gravel

The ball should drop off ledges properly when rolling slowly

Orbit should spin properly after rolling off a green

Fixed power loss on some shots where it thought it would hit something but really wouldn't

Better forward swing detection - hopefully addresses times when a player has difficulty swiping up

New weather effects - for now, they are simply cosmetic enhancements and will not impact performance

If you haven't downloaded Golden Tee Mobile yet, then what in the world are you doing?!? Download Golden Tee Golf for your Apple & Android devices!

Apple: Download

Android: Download

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