Coral Ridge Events Debut
The 1997 remaster classic takes over next week's Events!

Coral Ridge takes over Events

The 1997 classic course returns in remastered form for Golden Tee 2020.  You've had a taste in Events mode over the last few weeks and on January 3rd's Freaky Friday, but now Coral Ridge completely takes over Events mode for both Home Edition and Commercial Events!

Home Edition Event:

We have changed things up for the Home Edition owners and the week's event will be 10-man contests with a 15 game daily limit.  

1st: $4

2nd: $3

3rd: $2

4th: $1 

Commercial Event:

On the commercial side, we have a $7,725 prize pool for the weekly event starting on January 6th!  $750 is the week's top prize and we are paying 300 spots deep!


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