Didn't qualify for Worlds? Don't worry!
There is still plenty of action to be part of at the 2019 World Championship!

2019 Golden Tee World Championship

Not one of the 73 players already qualified for the 2019 Golden Tee World Championship?  Do NOT worry.  We have plenty of reason$ for you to still come out and participate in the biggest GT party of the summer!

Friday night Closest-to-the-Pin

Any and every Golden Tee player that is at The Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on Friday, June 21st by 7pm PDT is eligible to participate and play in this very special CTTP contest for the FINAL qualifying spot in the 2019 World Championship.  For $25 you will receive a custom 2019 GT Worlds t-shirt and entry in to this contest.

Sixteen spots paid: The first place winner in the LIVE CTTP contest will not only walk away as our final qualifier in the weekend's main event, but also a $500 cash prize!  In fact the entire top 16 finishers will receive a prize.  The top 8 will receive cash prizes and places 9 through 16 will receive $50 in GT gift cards each.

Last year #TeamWisconsin's Dave Sandmire rode the Busch Light train to victory and became etched in history as the 74th qualifier in the 2018 World Championship.  Who will be the next person to lay claim to that fame!?

After the CTTP contest is complete, The Orleans Showroom will be open for play until Midnight local time.  Get on the stage, impress your friends, met some of the qualifiers and PLAY GOLF!

*UPDATE* There are now TWO qualifying spots on the line in the Friday night CTTP contest.  That means that first and second place will earn qualifying spots to fill out our World Championship qualifier.

If you are one of the 73 already qualified players, please know that there will be an optional, no entry fee big money special Event taking place at the same time for already qualified players.  Details for this event will be scarce until we reveal our Event on Friday night.


Kevin O'Connor takes a shot in the 2018 Closest to the Pin competition

Saturday Audience Fun

Alright, so let's say you aren't the one to raise the CTTP championship belt high above your head as you walk in Saturday morning as the final qualifier in the 2019 World Championship.  Disappointing, we know, but we promise there is still plenty of fun to be had!

In between the 5 course qualifier, one member from the audience will be randomly chosen to come up on stage and compete in our Pro & Joe event.  During this event, the audience member chosen will get paired with a Pro (the number 1 qualifier from the just-finished qualifying course) for the chance to win cash prizes!

The "Joe" will be able to be coached by the "Pro" for 3 shots to get Closest-to-the-Pin on a Par 3.  If the "Joe" gets any of the three shots within 10 feet, both the Pro and the Joe will receive $100 in cash on the spot!  If the "Joe" gets a Hole-in-One, they will win $500 in cash for both players!  If the "Joe" is unable to get it to 10ft or closer, the"Pro" will have ONE chance to ace the shot for them both.  If that happens, the "Pro" and the "Joe" both walk away with $100 GT gift cards!

Just like Friday night, once all qualifying games are completed and the Saturday activities are finished, The Orleans Showroom will be open for play until Midnight local time.

Sean Gervais takes a swing at the 2018 World Championship

Sunday's Main Event

Throughout all day Sunday, high profile head-to-head matches will take place in both the Gold (top 32 players) and Silver brackets.  Audience members will be able to witness history in the making as we crown a 2019 Golden Tee World Champion, award a $30,000 top prize AND cement another player in GT history by putting their face in the game.

Make your travel plans to attend the 2019 Golden Tee World Championship LIVE at The Orleans Hotel & Casino on June 21-23 for your chances to participate in fun activities, make new friends, play some 'Tee and enjoy the best competition that Golden Tee Golf has to offer!

Evan Gossett receives his check for winning the 2018 World Championship

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