Events return Thanksgiving week!
Celebrate the holiday week with turkey, drinks and some events mode action!

Thanksgiving Event

If the number of plays, the number of new players involved and the massive amount of feedback we received from the first week of Events mode are any indication, we might be on to something right!

With that being said, regardless of how you felt about our first ever event, 50-man prize play with handicaps, we KNOW that you will absolutely LOVE our next event.

We kick off our second ever event on Monday, November 19th, the week of Thanksgiving, with the Fore! Turkey Spectacular!

This is 50-man prize play contests with a few twists. 

9 holes of Pine Meadow will be combined with 9 holes of Crawdad Swamp, our two GT Fore! re-imagined courses for GT 2019.

The top prize for each contest that week will be $12 instead of $10!

Play 10 contests per day up until the end of week on Sunday, November 25th!

Payouts are as follows:

  • 1st: $12
  • 2nd: $10
  • 3rd: $6
  • 4th: $5
  • 5-10th: $2
  • 11-15th: $1
  • 16-50th: Virtual Tee

Criteria for this event:

  • 50-man prize play
  • Mixed Holes (9 from Pine / 9 from Crawdad)
  • 10 game limit per day
  • $1 entry fee (standard fee)

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