Bounty Hunter
Get a Hole-in-One on Hole 16 of Pembroke, score a $500 GT giftcard!

Bounty on the line!

There are a lot of holes in Golden Tee 2019 that may be drive-able with the perfect conditions.  There are also some holes that you would never even consider having the chance of getting to the green in one.

But, Hole 16 of Pembroke Links has something to say about that!  A fairly simple par 4 towards the end of your round is typically good for a valuable birdie or maybe even an eagle with that perfect approach shot.

But, based on some of the YouTube shots that we have seen, the ability to drive this hole in one shot is absolutely there, thanks to the "ramp shot."  If you can hit your ball just right and with the right equipment, you may roll up the hill and over the water towards the green.

So far, nobody has driven the green, but we know the chances are there.

There are a lot of fun shots yet to be seen here and that's why we are offering up a $500 Golden Tee Gift Card as a bounty on this hole!

Yes, you read that correctly.  The first player to get a hole-in-one on this hole will be the recipient of a $500 GT gift card!

The first person to either post their video of the Hole-in-One to Golden Tee's FacebookInstagram or Twitter account, or send the video through our contact form on the LIVEWIRE website or GT Caddy app will be declared the winner.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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