Your Time is Now
Your Dream Golf Hole in Golden Tee? Your Very Own Game? Welcome to Design-a-Hole 2018

Oh, you still love this contest. You still love the idea of getting your dream golf hole in Golden Tee 2018. You still love the thought of winning your very own Golden Tee game—a $4,000 value—and all the other riches that come along with winning the Design-a-Hole contest.

That’s what we’ve set out to do, again. And between now and April 14, you can design the golf holes you believe would have a place in Golden Tee 2018. If you’ve ever thought of an idea that believe would work well in the game, now is the time to have those ideas be heard.

Here’s what to do. Design any par-3, par-4 or par-5. And it doesn’t have to be just one. Design as many as you please.

Design it with crayons or a computer program or a pen on the back of a cocktail napkin. Make a video. Add a description if you please. Whatever you think would best showcase your design, trust your judgment and feel.

Name this design and submit it to You can also mail all designs to the address below.

Once you do that, you’ve given yourself a chance. Your design (or designs) will be seen and dissected by our Design-a-Hole judges once our submission period has come to a close. We will reveal (at least) 10 finalists, one by one, a day at a time. Then, we will announce a champion.

That champion will watch their design transform into a playable hole in Golden Tee 2018. They will win their own Golden Tee Home Edition and a year of online play. They will design their own 18-hole course using our LIVE library that will be played on a Freaky Friday.

All finalists will walk away winners. One finalist will walk away with Golden Tee immortality.

My friends, the time to design is now. This is your chance to be more than just a super fan. This is your chance to get your name and idea as one of the game’s centerpieces.

Visit for all the information, and be sure to submit those designs here.


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