The '15 Scramble
A Super Score-able, Familiar-ish #FreakyFriday Dive is Coming This Week!

There will be big scores. We can guarantee you that.

That’s part of the fun of #freakyfriday, of course. We take all original celebrated scorecard ways and gracefully ignite them on fire. You like this. We like this. And moving forward, we’re going to do much, much more of it.

Enter: The 2015 Scramble.

(Please note: In the video below I say the ’05 scramble. This is not correct and the result of doing the video in only one take with beer.)

But the 2015 Scramble, debuting this Friday, February 10 on the Daily Contest, will certainly highlight the scoring absurdity. The courses will be familiar, at least to a degree.

The obstacles will feel fresh-ish for some. But the design will be different and allow for those of you looking for big scores the place to potentially post that big number.

Want a preview? Here’s a look at the first six holes. And again, not the ’05 Scramble. You can blame the attempt to be edgy and funny on camera for that.


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