The BIG GAME Super Sale
Bring Home Golden Tee Before the Biggest Sunday of the Year Hits

This particular Sunday seems more important than the others. It’s BIG thanks in large part to a certain football GAME that will be played.

The whole world will watch. Heck, you might have people over. You might make or order food. You will likely have something—or many things—to drink. Sunday, February 4, will be a glorious afternoon and evening of football, commercials and consumables.

And it can be even better with a Golden Tee Home Edition.

Yes, the greatest arcade game ever made is at home, online and on sale until the final football game of the season has been played. Just how much on sale, you ask?

You need to contact us to find out.

The game is now equipped with 60 magnificent courses. It is online, which has opened up a world of competitive game modes. You can play your friend across the country for bragging rights or cold hard cash. You can compete in 20-man contests and establish a Golden Tee Home Edition World Ranking.

Upload your shots to YouTube. Use high-performance gear. Dress your golfer in crazy clothes. The Golden Tee World is yours, in your home, at your leisure, whenever you please. And it plugs into that new beautiful TV you just got this past holiday.

There is never a bad time to bring the game of Golden Tee home to you. With the biggest football game of the year closing in and a sale to celebrate its existence, this is particularly good time. But you only have until February 4 to take advantage.

Contact us today for more information on the game or to place your order, and visit for more information. 


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