7,500 and Counting
Golden Tee 2017 is EVERYWHERE! Have you Played Yet?

You can now find Golden Tee 2017 in more than 7,500 locations around the country! Yes, one week after launch, things are progressing quite nicely.

While there are many games still to be uploaded, Find a Game on LIVEWIRE and also the GT Caddy app are busy this time of year. Just download the app for your Apple or Android device, put in your search criteria and we’ll take you to the location.

Also, the app is not just there to help you find 2017. Once you do, you can maximize your Golden Tee experience from your fingertips.

Setup your own private contests with up to 10 friends for bragging rights or cash! Build your own golf ball or club set! Customize your putter! Add money to your Player Wallet, dress your golfer and so much more!

As more and more games receive the upload, the GT Caddy will become an even bigger focal point of what you do. And then there is the excitement that comes with playing five all-new Golden Tee courses.

We think you’re going to love ‘em if you haven’t played ‘em yet.

So download the GT Caddy, Find a Game and explore the most robust update we have ever made!


Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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