Golden Tee 2017 Course Trailer: Sandy Reef
We Kick Off Trailer Week With a Magnificent Trip to Paradise

Welcome to another year of Golden Tee 2017 course previews - our exploration into the five new locations coming your way in Golden Tee 2017. We kick things off with our first course, Sandy Reef. The bar on golf in paradise has officially been raised.

On the other side of the world, tucked between continents and encased by the Indian Ocean, sits Sandy Reef. Golden Tee has found a new tropical home in the Maldives, and the views are breathtaking. Oh, we’ve done tropical courses in the past, you say? Certainly. But never quite like this. The vibrant blue waters, twisting palm trees and infinity beaches are easy on the eyes and soul. Just because it’s one of the flattest places on earth, don’t think you’re off the hook. Those beautiful views can come at a cost.


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