Golden Tee 2017 Sneak Peek: Part 5
Paradise Like You Have Never, Ever Seen it Before

You thought we were done? Not so fast, my friend. The Sneak Peek carries on.

Oh, if you could only see the glorious, frantic pieces in motion behind the scenes. This is the most wonderful, stressful and rewarding time of year for those of us tasked with creating another year of Golden Tee.

And this year, Golden Tee 2017, is no different. If anything, the work being poured into this update is unmatched historically. There is so much to show you—videos, more videos, feature reveals, tutorials, etc.—and we will do that in time.

But to ease you into the new year, we’re beginning in a familiar, comforting place. Yes, the courses.

The courses are the engine that drives this magnificent ship. And while they are not complete by any means—something you should absolutely know before seeing the images below; something that the artists of the game you love have demanded that I pass along—they are getting close. They are playable and fantastic. There are still objects to be added and polished.

There will be tweaks made along the way. But the basic skeleton for all five creations is in place. And now we want to show you what exactly we’ve been up to. So let’s stop blabbering and get to it. Here’s a look at our final early look at the 2017 courses.

Where do you think we’re playing from here? (Click on each image to enlarge.)

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