Say It With Us, "I am a Real American..."
The 4th of July Giveaway Code is LIVE in Golden Tee 2016!

You deserve it, America. You deserve a 4th of July tuxedo shirt and a sweet pair of USA shorts because you are awesome. This is not something that should be prescribed on just one day, but there is no better day to highlight it than this one.

Go You. Go America.

And in honor of the 4th, we’re giving away two amazing clothing items for your virtual golfer in Golden Tee 2016. Nothing screams America quite like free stuff in your favorite arcade game.

To unlock these items, simply hit the Options button during any online game and highlight and select Giveaway Code.

From there, put in the following numbers: 4607042016. That’s the number 46 and this year’s Independence Day date.

To unlock both items, the shirt along with the pair of shorts, you’ll have to enter it twice. Once you do, you’ll be able to throw them both on and show your American spirit to the world.

Do it up right this weekend. Eat the good stuff. Drink the good stuff. Look the part. Now, your virtual golfer can do the same.

Enjoy the gear, and stay safe this weekend!

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