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#Fashionfriday Kicks off With a Look at Our ‘Merican Collection in 2017

Each and every Friday for the next few months will be all about the clothing.

We’ve made so much awesome new stuff this year—more clothing than we’ve ever made before by a significant margin—that we couldn’t possibly just dump it on you all at once.

So instead, on each and every #fashionFriday, we’ll showcase a taste of the joyous clothing options to come in Golden Tee 2017. And we begin with our ‘Merican collection in honor of Independence Day.

Sure, there are a handful of USA options right now. But starting next year, your closet will be filled with American options.

“We have 11 new American-themed clothing items coming this year,” Golden Tee Art Director and clothing connoisseur Donna Lucania said. “Looking at the numbers, it became clear that the players really like wearing this gear. We simply wanted to give them more of what they want and like.”

Lucania’s favorite, the Beer Pong T-shirt that is spliced with an American theme, will undoubtedly be a popular selection.

Looking for something a little more dressy? Throw on the lovely AMERICA suit jacket, which is my own personal favorite and a type of clothing item this year.

“Sport jackets are coming,” Lucania added. It’s a completely new look and line, and you will be able to outfit yourself as an American Flag different than ever before. This style will not be limited to this one item, either.”

Looking to dress down some? Have no fear. The weathered cutoff, which purposely looks like it has been in the wash a few hundred times and has been conquered by pit stains will be an option as well.

There are many different items to come not featured here. But for those of you who love wearing ‘Merica on your sleeve, 2017 is your year.

Stay tuned for more #fashionFridays!

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