Build-a-Bag Sale!!!
Build (or Edit) a Bag For Half The Cost This Memorial Day Weekend!

For the first time since its launch back in September, Build-a-Bag will be on sale.

To celebrate Memorial Day weekend, you will be able to create a club set using Build-a-Bag at half the price. OR, if you’ve already created a bag and have been thinking about changing out a club or two, you may do that for half the price.

The sale will begin on Friday morning and last through Monday. During this time, the cost to create or edit a bag will shrink from $5.00 to $2.50. You will be able to access this deal on the GT Caddy on your Apple and Android devices. You will also be able to access the sale on LIVEWIRE, if you wish to build or edit your bag there.

If you have not experienced the joys of Build-a-Bag, now is the time. The feature gives you the opportunity to create your own club set from scratch with few limitations. Want multiple drivers? Want a dream hybrid set or a collection of fairway woods?

How about some extra spin on your irons? Or maybe you want a perfect set for a specific course or hole?

You now have the tools to do that, name your creation and then assign this bag—or bags—to the appropriate courses you would like to use them on. You can customize them to fit your game and improve your scoring.

And for the holiday weekend, you can do so at half price. Be sure to access the Build-a-Bag feature in the Pro Shop of the GT Caddy or when you sign in on LIVEWIRE. Haven't downloaded the Caddy yet? Do so right here.

Happy creating!


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