Meet the Top Three!
Our Group of Design-a-Hole Finalists Has Been Narrowed Down One Last Time Before Our Winner is Revealed

A group of more than 150 was narrowed down to 10. Now, that same outstanding, creative and exceptional bunch is being narrowed down even more.

The 2017 Design-a-Hole Contest was a showcase the vast knowledge and creativity of the people who play Golden Tee. The submissions were original. The ideas were superb. Even the names were the best we’ve ever seen.

But only one of the designs will transform into a playable creation in Golden Tee 2017. That’s what makes this so difficult. On top of that, our winner will receive their own Golden Tee Home Edition.

“This part is never easy,” Golden Tee co-creator, course designer and DAH judge Jim Zielinski said. “There were a lot of really great ideas and concepts to choose from. But we feel really good about the three designs were left with as we inch closer to crowning a champion.”

And so we must move onward. But before we go any further, we want to take thank everyone who submitted a design in this year’s contest and congratulate all 10 finalists on some exceptional work.

On Friday, we will announce our winner. One of the following designs will become a part of Golden Tee’s storied history.

Who should it be?


Boulder Canyon (Par-4) by Brian Hill


Boulder Canyon is a drivable par 4 featuring two tee boxes carved high into the canyon wall. Depending on wind strength and direction riskier players may attempt to go for this green with a big right to left hook from the tees. Those who don't will shoot to a fairway below with multiple hazards which includes bunkers, trees (including an old dead tree in the middle) and a recent landslide of boulders making placement on this fairway crucial. 


Lone Tree Hill (Par-5) by Dave Rhoades

Here is Lone Tree Hill, a difficult Par 5 featuring a Lone Tree perched upon a mound running through the middle of the fairway. The hole runs mostly uphill once you’re off the tee and has a lot of terrain to overcome as you reach the green. Off the tee you have options to curve around groups trees to give yourself a chance to reach the green in two, however the hill that the Lone Tree is on is all fairway grass, so holding the hill will be hard and run offs will land you in the trees or into a classic Church Pew Bunker running along the left side of the fairway. The secret landing spot (which will be very small) is a high tee 4/5W away, up on the hill next to to the Lone Tree. It will allow you to cut the corner of the bluff running along the right side of the fairway. As you approach the large green you will encounter a pot bunker that will collect any balls coming in short from any direction. The bunker to the left will collect any balls feeding down the green. If you come in too hot you will most likely run off the back and down the runoff area and have a difficult shot coming back. Lone Tree Hill is a challenge from tee to green. Elevation will make club choice crucial and knowing your curve shots is a must!


The Knee (Par-5) by Dan Croutch

I have attached my rough design for consideration in the contest. This is a 525 yard short par 5 which can be easily changed into a long par 4. Large bunkers, straddling a stream, force the player to chose hitting short or going long. A hard dogleg right means a short tee short leaves you still two shots from the green. Shooting over a stream to a small green. The green is elevated steeply, with the short fringe running off into a waiting stream. Front bunker is 287 yards to front, 340 to carry.


We announce the winner on Friday! Stay tuned!

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