Bear Necessities
We're Off to Grizzly Flats For This Week's Daily Contest Throwback Thursday

Let’s take a trip out into the wilderness this week, shall we?

Let’s grab our gear, a few delightful things to grill and some bear repellent and head to the lovely Grizzly Flats.

That’s precisely what we’ll do this week as we take a trip back in time for the Daily Contest Throwback Thursday. Grizzly Flats will serve as the spotlight course on the Daily Contest from midnight until 11: 59 p.m. central time later this week.

You’ll have as many cracks as Grizzly as you please in this time—honing in on winds, pins and setups. The top 400 players and scores will walk away victorious. The next week, well, we shall do this thing all over again on another vintage creation.

Where are we headed next? Oh, we’re going way, way back.

See you on Grizzly!


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