The Deep Freeze Field is Frozen
Our Latest Callaway Tour Event Moves to the Finals; A Look Back and Ahead

On February 1, we embarked on a journey to find 20 unique names. After four weeks of qualifying and thousands upon thousands of games played, the Deep Free Open—our latest Golden Tee Home Edition Callaway Tour event—has reached the next phase. Those 20 names have been unearthed.

This isn’t the end of the event; in many ways, it’s just the beginning.

The final week of qualifying set out to crown the five players with the most combined Great Shot Points. As has been the case the three weeks prior, the competition for this final leg of qualifying was magnificent.

When it was all said and done, the top five finishers each came away with more than 2 million (!!!) Great Shot Points. Our top two finishers this week, Eric Manfredi and Scott Petersen, each netted more than 3.5 million GSPs each.

The final leaderboard of the final event was as follows.

And with that, our field of 20 players is set.

If you are one of the following players, you will now play it out for fantastic Callaway gear: Dustin Hoehn, Michael Bowling, Vaughn Heym, Tony Johnson, Brandon Becker, Kelly Ambrose, Raymond See, Jeremiah Lehr, Richard King, Michael Pence, Mike Donahue, Chad Hobbs, Brandon Davis, Kay Blankenship, Kevin O’Connor, Eric Manfredi, Scott Petersen, Jason Wikstrom, Brian Spisak and Butch Cooper.

Once again, congrats to everyone on making it this far. All 20 of you will walk away with a prize.

The next step is where things will really pick up. We will be sending out a locked conditions card to each player—a way to ensure that conditions and overall setups are the exact same. Each finalist will then play each 2016 course one time, a cycle, to give them an overall score.

There are no do-overs. No mulligans. You get one shot at each 2016 course. We will include more detailed instructions once we mail out these cards, but you will only get one shot at each.  I repeat: You will be able to play each 2016 course one time.

We are giving players until March 20 to complete their cycle, although we anticipate that this amount of time will not be necessary. Cards will be sent out early this week.

For those who completed at least 10 games each week, we will be executing our raffle for the keypad and the illuminated marquee sometime in the next few days. We will announce our winners and contact them as soon as their names are drawn.

In need of a reminder of what’s at stake? Check out the full prize rundown here.

We’ll have much more on the Deep Freeze Open soon enough; stay tuned. For more information on the Golden Tee Home Edition, visit


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